BackupEDGE SKUs and Suggested Pricing - Effective July 14, 2016

1 Year Subscription 2 Year Subscription 3 Year Subscription 4 Year Subscription 5 Year Subscription

MSRP¹ in each column is the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (each) in US dollars for the quantity shown purchased in a single order. International suggested retail prices and currencies are set by our partners.

Retail SKUs and Suggested Retail Prices Including 1 Year Support and Maintenance Subscription:

BE3REL BackupEDGE Standard Retail Product License 03.01.0x $500.00 $425.00 $400.00 $375.00
BE3PUL BackupEDGE Product Upgrade License from 2.x products. 03.01.0x $250.00 $213.00 $200.00 $188.00
BE3CUL BackupEDGE Competitive Upgrade License: Restrictions apply. See notes below. 03.01.0x $350.00 $298.00 $280.00 $263.00
BE3ENC BackupEDGE Optional Encryption License (Requires a BackupEDGE License, above), 03.01.0x $150.00 $128.00 $120.00 $113.00
BE3SUP BackupEDGE Support / Maintenance Subscription Extension (use to extend a previous 3.x Subscription prior to expiration). 03.01.0x $150.00 $128.00 $120.00 $113.00
BE3SMR BackupEDGE Support / Maintenance Subscription Renewal (use if a prior 3.x Subscription has expired). 03.01.0x $225.00 $191.00 $180.00 $169.00

This SKU will be DISCONTINUED on December 31, 2016. After December 31, 2016 BackupEDGE licensees must purchase a new Retail Product License to get to BackupEDGE 3.x.

Encryption License Support is covered under the subscription for the primary product license.

United States and Canada Only - Non-Profit and Charitable organizations

US Non-Profit Organizations and Canadian Charities are eligible for a 10% Rebate off the Suggested Retail Price of all of our products.

Click Here to see eligibility requirements for US Non-Profit Organization pricing.

Click Here to see eligibility requirements for Canadian Registered Charity pricing.

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All Retail, Product Upgrade and Competitive Upgrade Licenses on this page include a Support and Maintenance Subscription for the length of time shown above. BackupEDGE SKUs can be purchased with Support and Maintenance Subscriptions up to 5 years.

Competitive Upgrades are for those wishing to switch to BackupEDGE from retail copies of other manufacturer's products. Bundled products, LITE versions of products, open source software and things that come free with tape drives or the operating system do not qualify. The competitive product MUST have been originally licensed within 7 years of the activation date, adjusted for the calendar year. For example, all BackupEDGE Competitive Upgrade Licenses activated in 2015 must be for products originally licensed on or after January 1, 2008, and all BackupEDGE Competitive Upgrade Licenses activated in 2016 must be for products originally licensed on or after January 1, 2009. Proof of purchase of the product being upgraded required for activation.

Last Updated - 2016/09/21