BackupEDGE 03.01.01 S3-Compatible Worldwide Cloud Backups

Worldwide Cloud Storage for BackupEDGE Archives!

BackupEDGE now supports the industry standard S3 Storage API.

  • Leverage your Internet bandwidth to perform secure backups, LIVE, to storage clouds around the world like Amazon Web Services "Simple Storage Service" (S3) and dinCloud D3.
  • Create your cloud storage repository in cloud locations (Regions) around the world.
  • Many cloud storage vendors offer S3 compatibility. Ask your favorite cloud storage provider if they support the S3 API.
Powered by AWS Cloud Computing
dinCloud D3

Amazon, dinCloud, Dunkel and others use a scalable, decentralized, fault tolerant server structure to guarantee 99.9% data availability at a cost far less expensive than building a datacenter and renting space. The only concern for the user is the reliability and speed of their own Internet connection.

Your archives may be stored at your choice of Regions around the world to satisfy regulatory, performance, and latency needs. For example...

Area Amazon Region†
United States US Standard Region. Redundant datacenters around the United States are used.
United States US West Region 1. Only datacenters in Northern California are used.
United States US West Region 2. Only datacenters in Oregon are used.
European Union‡ European Union West. Datacenters for the European Union are located in Ireland.
Asia Pacific Asia Pacific Southeast 1. Republic of Singapore.
Asia Pacific Asia Pacific Southeast 2. Sydney, Australia.
Asia Pacific Asia Pacific Northeast 1. Tokyo, Japan.
South America South America East. Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Area Google†
United States United States. Data Centers in the United States are Used.
Area dinCloud Region†
Southwestern United States Los Angeles. Datacenters in the Los Angeles area are used.
Midwest United States Chicago.Datacenters in The Chicago are used.
Area Dunkel Region†
Germany, European Union Germany and the European Union. Datacenters in the Frankfurt area, Germany are used.

† You specify a Region when you create your Bucket. Within that Region, your backups may beredundantly stored on multiple devices across multiple facilities.
‡ The Amazon European Union Frankfurt Region is not currently supported by BackupEDGE.

For maximum data security and reliability, BackupEDGE uses only the highest redundancy storage tier Amazon provides.

Major corporations use services like to leverage their own computing and storage resources because it is inexpensive, fast and reliable.

Pricing is direct from the cloud provider.

BackupEDGE 03.01.01 optimizes S3-compatible storage usage using quotas and archive expiration. Using these features you can prevent BackupEDGE from using (and you from paying) for excessive on-line storage.

BackupEDGE provides the same "Transparent Media Technology" access to S3-compatible storage that it would to an FTP Server or removable disk, including:

A secure, encrypted transport link is always used for S3-compatible backups, and no one can access your S3 backups without your unique keys. Policies can also be put into place in many cases to ensure additional data security by, for instance, restricting access to your buckets to a particular IP address or subnet range.

Microlite also recommends that all S3 cloud backup users invest in the BackupEDGE encryption option to ensure that all data that leaves your premises is encrypted while at rest, thus conforming to customer data privacy regulations.

See Section 10 (Configuring Amazon S3 Backups) in the User Guide for more comprehensive information.

See for more information on Amazon S3.

See for Amazon S3 pricing.

See for dinCloud D3 information and pricing.

See for Dunkel S3 information and pricing.


BackupEDGE 03.01.00 build 3 and earlier (back to 02.03) used the DevPay authentication / billing method for Amazon S3 backups. This method is only compatible with Amazon and will be discontinued by Amazon in the first quarter of 2015. Click HERE for more information on legacy Amazon S3 backups.

Last Updated - 2015-03-11