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Distributions are currently on 03.01.00 build 3.
BackupEDGE 03.0x is not a free upgrade from legacy 01.01.0x or 01.02.0x releases! All 01.0x and 02.0x releases must be removed before installing BackupEDGE 03.0x!
BackupEDGE 03.00.07 and earlier licensed users must be under a valid Support and Maintenance Subscription to be able to download and install 03.01.00. Please see your reseller or contact Microlite Corporation to check and/or update your Subscription before downloading.
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Additional Downloads

Download 02.03.01 BackupEDGE Manual Only.
02.03.01 Last Production Release
01.02.04 Last Production Release

Last Updated - 2014/08/11